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Our Team

La Patrie medical clinic began operations in January 2017.

In November 2018, La Patrie clinic became a satellite FMG of the Jarry-Lajeunesse FMG-R.

Since December 1, 2021, the clinic continues its full growth thanks to the hard work of the management. The management team is composed of Dr. Schiller Castor, Dr. Marie Françoise Mégie and the managers, Ms. Sarah Dorsainville and Ms. Marie-Claude Ernest.

Our team includes general practitioners and specialists, two nurses specialized in LPCI, a clinical nurse and a nursing assistant. We can provide you with the best possible care.

The Management Team

Dr Schiller Castor

Dr. Schiller Castor

Co-Owner – Family Physician, Emergency Physician

Dr. Castor practices as a family physician in the office. He devotes a good part of his time to the follow-up of a vulnerable clientele with multiple pathologies. He has also practiced emergency medicine for 22 years in a hospital setting. His long experience in emergency medicine allows him to quickly recognize serious pathologies and to properly refer patients. It is a source of satisfaction for him to be of service to people.

Marie-Françoise Megie - Co-Propriétaire

Dr. Marie-Françoise Mégie

Co-Owner – Family Physician

Dr. Marie-Françoise Mégie is a retired family physician with an impressive background. Her areas of expertise include care of the elderly, chronic wound care and palliative care. She is still very involved in the community. After a medical career of 35 years, she was appointed as an independent Senator in the Parliament of Canada.

Sarah Dorsainville

Sarah Dorsainville

Co-owner and Manager

With a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, she has worked as a higher management for the past 9 years in personal care organizations. Always concerned about the well-being of others, she believes that customer satisfaction is achieved through coaching and a happy and supportive team.

Marie-Claude ernest

Marie-Claude Ernest Castor

Co-owner and Manager

Nurse by profession, she specializes in the accompaniment of young people with intellectual disabilities. Her benevolence makes her an invaluable ally in creating a warm and welcoming environment.

Family Physicians Group

Dr Kailin Adam

Dr. Kailin Adam

Family Doctor

Dr. Adam is a McGill graduate with CFPC certification. She practices in both French and English and has a comprehensive family medicine practice including pediatrics.

Dr. Emmanuel Patrice Valcain - Medecin de famille

Dr. Emmanuel Patrice Valcin

Family Physician

Dr. Emmanuel Patrice Valcin, Family Physician, also holds a D.E.S.S. in Health Services Administration. His fields of practice are office-based care and hospitalization in palliative care.

Dr Rony Séide

Dr. Rony Seïde

Emergency Physician

Dr. Séide has 20 years of practice. He does emergency medicine, walk-in and client management.

Dr Emerson Fadios

Dr. Emerson Fadois

Family Physician

Dr. Fadois has just over 10 years of practice in family medicine. He offers a variety of services in the areas of client management and walk-in services.

The Nursing Support Team

Rosalie Houle

Rosalie Houle

Nurse Practitioner IPSPL

Rosalie received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2016 (University of Montreal), a Master’s degree in Primary Care and a DESS in Advanced Practice in 2020 (University of Sherbrooke). She has a varied expertise with a clientele of all ages including different specialties (burn victims, elderly people with loss of autonomy, women’s health, pediatrics, etc.). Concerned about the well-being of her patients, she accompanies them to the best of her abilities in collaboration with the clinic’s partner physicians.

Andrée-Anne Germain

Andrée-Anne Germain

Nurse Practitioner IPSPL

Andrée-Anne holds a B.Sc. in Nursing from McGill University as well as a Master’s degree and diploma from the University of Ottawa, which prepared her to become a Primary Care Nurse Practitioner (PCNP), a role that is still not well known in Quebec. Her previous clinical experience includes geriatrics, home care, mental health and primary care. She has a special interest in pediatrics and women’s health. She cares for the 0–100 year old clientele and works in collaboration with the medical and nursing team.

Jessica Doyon-Boivert

Jessica Doyon-Boisvert

Clinical Nurse

Jessica works as a nurse clinician, specializing in chronic diseases (Diabetes, hypertension and COPD). She has been a nurse for 13 years and has experience in critical care and home care.

The Reception Team

Carolina Ramos - Gérante des opérations

Carolina Ramos

Operations Manager

Carolina Ramos, graduated in Management, Administration and Accounting Techniques, she has over 4 years of operational experience in the health care field.


  • Dr Schiller Castor
  • Dre Marie Françoise Mégie
  • Mme Sarah Dorsainville
  • Mme Marie-Claude Ernest

The secretary

  • Carolina Ramos
  • Mouna Hamroun
  • Johanne Duplessy

General practitioners

  • Dr Schiller Castor
  • Dr Emerson Fadois
  • Dre Kailin Adam
  • Dr Emmanuel Patrice Valcin
  • Dr Rony Séide
  • Dr Derson Bruno

Primary nurse practitioners

  • Rosalie Houle, PCNPC
  • Andrée-Anne Germain specialized PCNPC nurse

Specialist Physicians

  • Dr Ronald Comtois,  endocrinologist
  • Dr Henri Liu, internist
  • Dr Matityahu Beniar, neurologist


  • Elizabeth Elissaint, infirmière auxiliaire
  • Jessica Doyon-Boisvert, nurse clinician


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